Lynn Roddy Brown


Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, Vol. 3

Lynn Roddy Brown

In scrap quilts value, which is the relative darkness or lightness of a color, creates the pattern.   For this block, I chose a very light, a medium, a medium dark and a very dark.  The strong contrasts in value make the lines of the block clear.  To add interest I varied the visual texture of the prints.  If you look carefully at the block you will see circles, flowers, squiggles and a plaid.

The block shown above uses 16 units that I have chosen to call Three-in-a-Square Triangle units.  For 20 years I avoided making this unit because all of the instructions used measure- ments ending in 7/8". Since sewing two bias edges together was necessary, I did not feel I could make these units and meet my standards for precise piecing.

After much thought I decided that it was possible to use my accurate piecing methods for these units.  A tutorial for constructing this dynamic block is presented at “Making Triangle Units.”

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