Spinning Snails / Happy Trails


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Over forty years ago when I first became interested in quilting I tore a picture of a snail trail quilt from a magazine.  Last fall at Festival in Houston I purchased Creative Grids ruler CGRJAW8.  This wonderful ruler made it possible for me to accurately piece snail trail blocks.   I finally have my quilt!!!

I have been making scrap quilts for over 25 years.  An easy way to make a successful scrap quilt is to choose a common background and a group of what I call “related fabrics”.   I picked a light tan for the background and an assortment of reproduction fabrics (the “related fabrics”) from my stash.  For a clear pattern to appear the reproduction fabrics must be dark enough to contrast with the backgound.

This pattern, Cut Loose Press CLPLRB001, is designed to use fat quarters but will also work well with scraps.



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Lynn Roddy Brown

I am a sixth generation Texan that has always loved to sew. I took my first sewing lessons at the age of eight at the local Singer sewing-machine shop. I live in Houston, Texas with my husband an economics professor at Rice University. We have three grown children and two cherished grandchildren. I have been making scrap quilts for 25 years. Martingale published my three books: Simple Strategies for Scrap Quilts, Simple Strategies for Block-Swap Quilts and Patchwork-Play Quilts.

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  1. I, also, have loved the Snail Trail pattern. Your beautiful design has inspired me to grab my reproduction fat quarter stack and give it a try. Thank you

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