Texas Two-Step Medallion


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Texas Two-Step: Square Dance

Kathi Babcock

0907 098

Kathi used the Texas Two-Step block to create this incredible quilt. The center section appears to be on point but is actually a straight set. It is the diagonal line in the block that creates the illusion. The triangle units that extend into the inner border are partial blocks.

Quiltmaker Block #586


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Ladder Up 

by Toby Lischko


Like I said in an earlier post,  I have been scrap quilting for over 25 years but I have never used such small pieces in a block unless they were strip pieced.  I have always been able to arrange my block pieces in order on the machine beside me.  Well these little guys seemed to just float off onto the floor.  I finally took a piece of 8 1/2″ x 11″ cardboard,  wrapped flannel to the back and taped it.  Problem solved!!!  This also allowed me to arrange the squares and then tip the “design wall” so I could view the block from a distance.

I chose the very light clear green for the center diagonal row and surrounded it with darker squares.  The strong shift in value between the squares makes the light green stand out.

Texas Two-Step Stepping Out


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 Stepping Out

Sarah Sissenwein-Norris


Sara said “I really enjoyed that setting and the block. I love scrap quilts and I love how so many ugly fabrics turned into something special.”  This quilt was started in one of my classes.  I love the set Sara chose.


Texas Two-Step Block

The key to making a very scrappy quilt is to sort the fabrics by value.  If I can’t decide if it is light or dark I don’t use it.  I am well known for saying, “No large beige or white spots in a mostly dark fabric.”